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Time:2018-12-02 05:01:30  
There is a blank label "resume" wich I guess is the same as personal statment, but there is no blank for recommendation letter, at least I cannot find it。can some tell me if I am right?
Time:2016-01-13 11:47:59  
When is the latest we can expect to hear whether we have been accepted onto the course?
Time:2014-04-15 21:45:58  
Hi! I have two questions about the application. Can I use Chinese to fill the application form? What is the requirement of the personal statement and the document type of the personal statement and the recommendation letter? Thank you!
ReplyYes, you can fill the form in Chinese. For personal statement, you can introduce your experience, research interests, etc. Either word or pdf type is acceptable. (by:topsky/Time:2013-05-09 12:13:39)
Time:2013-04-28 09:44:49  

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