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USTC Undergraduate Summer Camp Program

1. USTC School of Chemistry and Materials Science will formally announce the USTC Undergraduate Summer Camp Program.

2. Undergraduate students can submit their applications online, January-March 2015.

3. The Committee Members for Undergraduate International Affairs at the USTC School of Chemistry and Materials Science will select 20 students from the pool of international applicants (1-2 students from each prestigious US university) and 20 students from the pool of domestic applicants (1-2 students from each top China university such as Peking University and Tsinghua University), April 2015. Chemistry and materials science major required.

4. USTC will issue invitation letters for the undergraduate students, and the students apply for visa, April 2015.

5. USTC will communicate with the students and book flights, May 2015.

6. The students attend the summer camp at the USTC, the first 2 weeks of July 2015.

Week 1: Mornings: Research seminars by active PIs from the USTC School of Chemistry and Materials Science

Afternoons: Lab tours, sports, Chinese culture introduction, and extensive interactions with outstanding undergraduates from top universities in China

Weekends: tours to some interesting places around Hefei City

Week 2: On-campus research in USTC PIs’ labs

Note: USTC will cover all their expenses during their trip and stay including international flights and accommodations.



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